San Diego Private Chef   

Organic, Gluten Free, Low Carb, local, Sustainable, Non GMO

Meet the Chef

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to stick to a specific diet to heal your body? Do you find it frustrating trying to figure out what you can and can't eat, where to buy it, and how to prepare it in a way that is healthy and delicious?


I'm an in-home private chef with 23 years of expertise in health and nutrition. I've cooked for clients with strict protocols such as Sibo, IBS, Cancer, Heart Disease and more. I curate flavorful meals catered to your needs that the whole family will enjoy.


   Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is a private Chef vs. a Personal Chef?


A private chef is a chef that is exclusively dedicate to your family every day, 5 days a week.  Some are live in private chefs, and others come to your house from their home. Please call to discuss your specific needs. 


2. How much do you charge?

I charge $3000 a week. This does not include groceries. The cost of groceries is set by you. On average, groceries can cost $2000 a month for a family of 3-6 people. I can work with whatever your food budget is. 

3.Why is it so expensive? 

Rather than owning a restaurant or running a full time catering business, I am dedicating my 23 years of professional experience to the exclusive care of your family. I am also a nutritionist with vast experience in the health and nutrition industry with the capacity to design health protocols, cleanses, detoxes, and supplement suggestions to help you and your family achieve and maintain optimal health. 

4. What many meals do you make a day? 


I typically make 2 meals a day from 11am to make and serve lunch, and then from 4pm to serve dinner at 6 or 6:30 pm. I can also make smoothies, and other breakfast items ready for you in the fridge for you to enjoy whenever you're ready. 

5. What if I'm not home during mealtimes?

I can prepare the food and place any or all meals in ready to heat containers for you to take to with you. For example you may need to have your lunch away from home and come home for a plated dinner and have the best of both worlds. It's up to you.