Non-Toxic Cooking

                              with Salad Master Cookware

Did you know that traditional ways of cooking can destroy up to 98% of the vitamins and minerals of your food? The high heat from traditional cooking is the cause for destroying the nutrition, but if that wasn't bad enough, traditional cookware also adds toxins and dangerous heavy metals to the food as well. And of course, these metals alter the flavor of the food taking away from the natural fullness of fresh ingredients. 

Chef Prem uses cookware made by Saladmaster, a revolutionary company that has successfully engineered a safe line of cookware used by nutritionists and health professionals around the world.  With its titanium stainless steel design, Saladmaster cookware preserves the integrity of your food, retaining an average of 93% of vitamins and minerals, ensuring that you and your family eat safe, nutrient dense meals. These cooking systems use lower temperatures to cook, seal in the nutrition, and protect your food from destructive toxins and heavy metals. 


Please contact Chef Prem if you'd like more information about how you can have a saladmaster presentation at your house including a free meal for you and your friends! 


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