Vegan Appetizer Menu

11am snacks and nibbles: (Choose 4)


  1. Endive stuffed with pecans mandarins and vegan cheese honey orange balsamic




   B. Blueberry and beet bruschetta with mint on gf baguettes




     C. Fried Green Tomato and Vegan Mozzarella Stacks




D.   Brussel sprout sliders with tempeh curried




E.   Grilled lemon and pomegranate spinach salad with parsley mint and a pomegranate molasses dressing:




F. Lentil bruschetta on gf crackers with basil




4pm Dinner bites: (Choose 6)


  1. Spicy Thai sweet potato wedges




  1. Zucchini tots



  1. Tabouli and hummus stuffed mini Tri color peppers  



  1. Buffalo cauliflower bites with vegan ranch



  1. Italian herb roasted mushroom medley with cauliflower and cherry tomatoes




  1. Mushroom and caramelized Onion polenta bites



  1. Pear and  pomegranate salad with Pistachios and Vegan Feta



8. Vegan Mozzarella and Gluten Free Blackberry Flatbread:




Dessert ideas: Choose 1-2

  1. Dairy free ricotta (lightly sweetened) stuffed apricots and cinnamon



2. Pineapple banana and strawberry mini banana splits



3. Mini caramel ‘apples’ ( grapes ) with coconut caramel and pecans



4. Vegan cinnamon and apple fries with dipping Sauce

5. Mini vegan cheesecakes tarts